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Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy
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This website is an online interactive "atlas" displaying in three-dimensional detail the complete vascular anatomy of the developing zebrafish. Users can view three-dimensional fluorescent angiograms of any region of the embryo at any stage of development from 1-7 days post-fertilization. Users can also access diagrams prepared using these angiograms, and descriptive text. These diagrams detail the wiring patterns and names of major vessels. This site is best viewed on a monitor capable of at least 1024x768 pixel resolution.
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NOTE: If data or images from this website are reproduced or cited, please provide the following citation: Isogai, S., Horiguchi, M., and Weinstein, B. M. The vascular anatomy of the developing zebrafish: an atlas of embryonic and early larval development. Developmental Biology, Volume 230, pp. 278-301.
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