The Interactive Atlas of
Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy
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On this website, any selected 3-D image can be visualized as either: (1) a single, straight-on (0 degree) view, (2) a left-right (-12 to +12 degree) rotation, (3) an up-down (-12 to +12 degree) rotation, (4) a "raw data" Z-series, and (5) a red-green overlay of -4 and +4 degree images (appears 3-dimensional when viewed through red/green glasses).

Views 1 and 5 will load relatively fast and do not require that Quicktime be installed. Views 2 through 5 provide 3-dimensional information. View 5 requires red-green glasses (easily and cheaply obtained or made). Views 2, 3, and 4 require that Quicktime be installed to view. View 4 is the actual "raw" confocal data stack (some stacks were contrast enhanced).

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NOTE: If data or images from this website are reproduced or cited, please provide the following citation: Isogai, S., Horiguchi, M., and Weinstein, B. M. The vascular anatomy of the developing zebrafish: an atlas of embryonic and early larval development. Developmental Biology, Volume 230, pp. 278-301