The Interactive Atlas of
Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy
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The web pages contain only small thumbnails, but some of the images & especially Quicktime files are relatively large. If you have a slower internet connection you may experience substantial download times. The single views are each approximately 10-40 K, red-green (R-G) overlays are approximately 10-41 K, and left -right (L-R) and up-down (U-D) rotation compressed Quicktime movies are approximately 241-452 K. The Z-series compressed Quicktime movies range from 236 to 965 K.
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NOTE: If data or images from this website are reproduced or cited, please provide the following citation: Isogai, S., Horiguchi, M., and Weinstein, B. M. The vascular anatomy of the developing zebrafish: an atlas of embryonic and early larval development. Developmental Biology, Volume 230, pp. 278-301.