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Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy
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We used confocal microangiography to obtain the data in this website. Angiograms were prepared by injecting 1-8 day old zebrafish embryos intravascularly with fluorescent microspheres and then collecting optical sections through the embryo using an MRC-1200 confocal microscope (BioRad, Inc.). The stacks of optical sections were digitally reconstructed into three dimensional images using Metamorph Imaging software (Universal Imaging, Inc.). In this website, we provide users with the option of viewing either one of 4 different types of reconstructed 3-D views or the original "raw data" stack of optical sections (see What image types... for more information on views).
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NOTE: If data or images from this website are reproduced or cited, please provide the following citation: Isogai, S., Horiguchi, M., and Weinstein, B. M. The vascular anatomy of the developing zebrafish: an atlas of embryonic and early larval development. Developmental Biology, Volume 230, pp. 278-301.